Reo Process Improvement Teaching

Steve Carleysmith delivers training and coaching in

  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green and Black Belt 
  • Root cause analysis
  • Practical training in lean operations
  • Any components of lean operations and Six Sigma that are useful for an organisation, such as 5S workplace organisation and red tagging.

Steve is an Associate of Silicon Beach Training who provides a wide range of business improvement, IT and management training.


Participants' comments from recent Lean Six Sigma training:

  • "I have to say I think you are a very good trainer."
  • "I looked at some books and thought it would be dry but it was really interesting."
  • "The best course I’ve been on."
  • "Can't wait to put in practice the things I've learned in the course."
  • "Very organised and enjoyable."
  • "All material was directed to individual student need/requirement - fabulous."
  • "Extremely friendly."
  • "Steve is great at helping one relate content to organisation/role."
  • "Steve is great tutor."
  • "All relevant and made easy to understand."
  • "Well paced, well organised."
  • "Exactly what I wanted. Delivered all expectations."
  • "I now have a very good understanding of the topic."
  • "Good mix of practicals, talking and frequent breaks."
  • "I learned a lot."
  • "Exercises really reinforced the points."
  • "Excellent absolutely."

Participants' comments from recent Root Cause Analysis training:

  • "Very useful and informative."
  • "Was all very good."
  • "Well organised with clear instruction."
  • "Extremely useful."
  • "Well presented – good flow and continuity."
  • "Well structured and clear."
  • "Told it very well."
  • "[Steve was] friendly warm and patient."
  • "Good working examples well delivered."
  • "Good book."
  • "Excellent knowledge of the subject."
  • "Met all expectations."
  • "Very interesting."
  • "I really enjoyed it."
  • "Enthusiastic with obvious working knowledge."


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